1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Monday, August 17, 2009

"My heart, too, goes out the everyone who lost a loved one that night"

My name is Pat (Grey) Burton. For the first time, I watched We Are Marshall last night on TV... then I watched it again. What a horrible, tragic loss for so many. I graduated high school with John Stainback, the brother of Jerry Dotson (J.D.) Stainback who died in that crash. J.D. was a couple of years older than Johnny and I, and I remember watching J.D. play football while at Warwick. He has a terrific person, fun loving, good looking, down to earth nice guy and great ball player. After seeing the movie, I logged into Goggle and began reading all the stories and seeing all the pictures. It was as though time had stood still, so many years ago. J.D's. MU picture looked just like he did in high school. Just read a story written in a Roanoke newspaper, entitled 35 Years of Pain where it discussed the 7 Ferrum players who transferred over to MU, one of them J.D. Thought I remembered he'd married and sure enough the article mentioned his wife and child at the time. My heart, too, goes out the everyone who lost a loved one that night. I know for the Stainback family, life surely was never the same.

-Pat Burton

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