1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

What are your memories of Nov. 14, 1970? Share them here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

"We are all Marshall"

I have heard the phrase "We are Marshall" many times for years and have dismissed it as simple college pride. After seeing the film I will dismiss it no more. "We are all Marshall"
Danny Milner- Buford, Ga.

Young memory of the crash

Young memory of the crash:I was 8 years old and living in a suburb of Charleston when the news of the crash that evening came across the tv set,a plane had crash at tri-state airport. It was'nt until the next morning I awoke to find my mother reading the morning paper and weepingthat I learned it was the Marshall football team. Although we had no connection to Marshall, It was a sad time for us and I could'nt put the connection of our personal greif into perspective at that young age and even to this day the tragedy seems forever etched in my memory. Someone once spoke of the 1970 football team "THEY WILL ALWAYS BE SON'S OF MARSHALL" perhaps that explains the greif I saw in my mother the morning after the crash and yes of course that explains why... "We Are Marshall"


Sunday, September 23, 2007

"My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one"

I just watched We Are Marshall last night, and I will forever remember this movie, and the tragedy. My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one that day.

"Not just about football"

First off I'm a big Texas Longhorn fan. I never heard about the Marshall tragedy until recently mostly due in part because it happened before I was born. After watching the movie, I was just blown away. I've seen so many football movies, Rudy, The Program, Remember the Titans, the list goes on. But, I have to say, this movie tops the list. It had to have been the best football movie that I've ever seen. This movie was not just about football, it was about overcoming tragedy together as a "family", which is what We are Marshall entails, and overcoming that tragedy head on with strength, love, and compassion for all. I know that it had to be devastating to lose an entire football team, but most importantly to lose loved ones. After watching this movie, I was truly moved. This movie will always be one of my favorites of all time. The heart can be a big place if you have one, for me there will always be a place in my heart for Marshall. WE ARE MARSHALL!!!!!GOD BLESS


"One of the most emotional movies that we have seen this year"

I was watching the Marshall vs WVU game on opening day of ncaa football when the commentater was talking about the movie. Me and my wife saw the movie last night,it was one of the most emotional movies that we have seen this year,the annoucer was right when he said if this film dosent bring tears to your eyes you better check to see if you have a heart beat..GO MARSHALL.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'The best football movie'

This was an amazing movie!! Has to be the best football movie I have ever seen. I am from Kentucky when I was a kid I can remember visiting Huntington when I visited family in Ashland. We drove bye the college and my uncle told me of the tragedy that happened there. I can still remember the day we was going out to eat at Jim's I think it was called it served spaghetti I think it was a restaurant in town in Huntington. After seeing the movie I really wanna visit the memorial and pay my respects. Thanks for sharing your story with us younger generations.

Jeff Sexton- Whitesburg, Ky

In memory of Joe Hood

Hi my name is Monica Hood my uncle was #33 Joe Lee Hood he was a great player and a teriffic person and i love and miss him very much.