1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

'I love Marshall'

I was ten and my dad went to Marshall and was a big sports fan. We lived in Kenova and were not far from the crash. I remember the flames on TV and Dad saying "I hope the boys are all right". Well the rest is history. I went on to graduate from MU as well as two sisters,a brother and my son. I love Marshall as more than a school and still get a chill talking about it. I now live in Baltimore, but MU is always in my heart.

John David N.


Jules said...

John - I too am a native of Huntington, an MU grad, and now live in Baltimore. I was nine years old when the crash occurred. It was such a somber, sorrowful time - it was as if a dark cloud hung over the city of Huntington for the longest time. I remember shortly afterward, our phys. ed. class (Lincoln Elementary) had a student teacher who was a Marshall cheerleader, and obviously very distraught over what had happened. Our gym teacher took us all aside and told us to go easy on her because she was so upset. For some reason, that is what stands out in my mind about the crash. Did you live in Huntington when your son attended MU? My son is a freshman in high school, and I am very interested in sending him to Marshall. Obviously, would have to pay higher rates.

Becky Andrews Reed said...

John -
I had a reaction like your father's -- When a friend called to tell me that he'd heard that my brother's football team plane had crashed, my first reaction was "I hope no one was hurt." I guess the mind tries to protect us.