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Monday, February 19, 2007

'We are all Marshall'

I saw “We are MARSHALL” last night it was a toss up between it and “Norbit” I had seen the trailers but being from Jamaica, living in Jamaica American Football is not that important. We are a nation of Football (Soccer), Track and Field and Cricket. I saw the movie mainly for the two Matthew’s but I came away with so, so much more.

I felt every pain and heartache every joy and triumph of this film in fact it is more than a film it’s a blueprint of overcoming adversity and carving out a successful future, this could have turned out so different had it not been for the people who were willing to fight, cry and stand up. In playing that first season they honoured those who loved the game and died still loving it. Marshall football had a future after the accident maybe it didn’t before. I know that if you love something you want it to live on, all the persons on that flight that night opened a door of togetherness of the fighting spirit in their loved ones and friends left behind to go on. and go on they did. I now feel like... we are all Marshall.

One love

Natalie Campbell,

Kingston, Jamaica W.I

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Anonymous said...

This event was very tragic. The love goes out to the ones who lost there lives that day. R.I.P