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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where is Frank Loria buried?

I live near Virginia Tech where Frank Loria is a hero. I was wondering if anyone could tel me where he is buried, the town and the cemetery? I would like to visit and pay my repects this summer. I saw the Marshall movie and it was very touching. I am now a Hokie/Thundering Herd Fan. You can email me at godrulz@valink.com

-thanks, Dylan


Drew Crislip said...


I don't know for sure but Mr. Loria may be buried near Clarksburg, W.Va., where I live. He is from here and was a local sports hero here -- a local ball field bears his name. I'm sorry I don't know for sure but perhaps this idea will give you an opportunity for further research or inquiry.

Kevin Wills said...

Spring hill cemetary in Huntington, WV.
Frank Loria was my hero. I watched him play. He was really tough.