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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'The best football movie'

This was an amazing movie!! Has to be the best football movie I have ever seen. I am from Kentucky when I was a kid I can remember visiting Huntington when I visited family in Ashland. We drove bye the college and my uncle told me of the tragedy that happened there. I can still remember the day we was going out to eat at Jim's I think it was called it served spaghetti I think it was a restaurant in town in Huntington. After seeing the movie I really wanna visit the memorial and pay my respects. Thanks for sharing your story with us younger generations.

Jeff Sexton- Whitesburg, Ky


Anonymous said...

That is the best football movie made. I am a resident of West Virginia and to see a movie like that, no words can explain it.

Anonymous said...

Write from Quebec, CANADA.

I see this movie tonight. Its a very best football movie. I'm so touble by this story because it a true story. I'm sorry, for the family. I will like get contact with the familly of this football team. Please write me at this comment. God bless america.