1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In memory of Joe Hood

Hi my name is Monica Hood my uncle was #33 Joe Lee Hood he was a great player and a teriffic person and i love and miss him very much.


Anonymous said...

wow i bet it really hurt for you to watch that movie than

Anonymous said...

I was a student at Marshall in 1970. I did not know your uncle personally but I did attend his funeral. Your uncle was a great player and from what I knew a great person.

I am sorry that you miss him but I hope that you are proud of him.

(Bob Walker)

Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to you and your family. Time will never erase your uncle. But I hope that your family has found some peace.


Scogill said...

Monica, God bless you and your family that has endured so much painful memory and grief. Joe is missed, but as the head coach said in the movie I just saw, he is watching ever so. I was 10 when this tradegy happened, just two years after I lossed my brother, my only sibling from being hit by a car. He was only six years old. The guilt, grief and lossness was almost too much to bear for me and my family. The movie reminded me of the tradegy of lossing a family member so close.

You and your family are remembered, and my prayers go out to them now.

Anonymous said...

He Indeed was a great player as i to attend his funeral as a young man.
I went to all the funerals of the team as my father died on the plane.
Parker Ward.
Im so glad that this movie has brought the strength and the pride that we all had was brought to light.
Well miss them all.
We Are Marshall
Kevin Burks

Anonymous said...

I was his finance and pregnant with his child that he never got to see or hold. That will be a day
that I will never, never forget as long as I live. You are forever loved Joe Hood and never forgotten.

Your little Missy.

Marc Hood said...

Hello Ma'am, Joe Hood is my father Willie younger brother. Reading your comment brought me so much joy seeing that my Uncle Joe was so loved and missed and that I have a cousin!I have no words that would or could ever erase the loss of someone so loved,please know you & my cousin are always & forever more in my prayers.