1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

What are your memories of Nov. 14, 1970? Share them here.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

"The Marshall story is one of loss, perserverance and hope ..."

I stumbled upon the Marshall Story while researching some Rutgers football info. just before the movie came out in 2006.

Coincidentally, a local NJ paper (The Star Ledger) published a powerful piece about the young Teddy Shoebridge (QB)from Lyndhurst NJ, of the fateful team that perished in the crash and the grief that the Shoebridge family experiences to this day. This story affected me profoundly. The Marshall story is one of loss, perserverance and hope and it truly mirrors our own challenges on a different level. I will never drive through the town of Lyndhurst NJ without thinking of the young Quarterback and all of the 'Sons of Marshall'. May they find peace......



Anonymous said...

I lived in front of Vinson High School on Piedmont Road. This is very close to the airport. My dad and I heard sirens and he turned on his CB radio (very popular at the time). We heard the plane had crashed, but what I remembered most was a preacher had picked up a wallet. It belonged to Ted Shoebridge.

Anonymous said...

The Ferrum 7 plus Coach Tolley and all the victims of the plane crash will forever be in my memory and in my daily prayers. Bless the victims families and the people of Hunnington.