1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Monday, June 16, 2008

"My heart goes out to all."

I fell asleep watching a movie on HBO. When I woke up "We are Marshalls" was just starting. A movie about a football team. I am female, never liked any sports and this was NOT my kind of movie. I started to clean up my room and didn't bother to shut off the tv or change the channel. I looked up though as the coach was saying "we are gonna be landing shortly guys" and he sat in his seat on the plane and then there was a flash and the screen turned black. I sat on the edge of my bed and I couldn't turn away from watching the rest of the movie. My heart was breaking. I am so sorry for everyones loss. As you can see, the movie inspired me to research the tragedy further. Which I did immediately after watching the movie. I hope all is going well for those survived by the victims of this enigma. It is not for us to know or even understand these kinds of things I guess. My heart goes out to all. My cousin died only a few weeks ago in a tragic CRAZY FREAK accident involving a semi truck. He too, was burned and unrecognizable. He had to be positively ID'ed by his dental records. He was only 38 and so so tall and handsome. So I can relate to the reaction we have at this kind of end for the ones we love.

-Spokane WA Resident

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