1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In memory of Art Harris (#22) and his father, Arthur Harris Sr.

In memory of Art Harris (#22) and his father, Arthur Harris Sr.
From a fellow alum of his high school, Passaic HS, Passaic, NJ.

Artie was a multi-talented, two-sport athlete who shined like a star. He was a personable young man who showed so much promise. His dad sat in the stands with us, gave us rides home when it rained, and supported his boy in all that he did.

When I heard the news that awful November day, that Artie and his father were gone, I was stunned. I mourned for his mom, his sister, his fiancee and his young son. That boy is 37 years old now. A whole lifetime has gone by without knowing what a fine young man his father was, and never knowing his grandfather.

This was a tragedy in so many ways. I wept for the loss of everyone on that plane that day, and the town of Passaic, our home town, that lost one of its heroes.

-H Cassutto


Thomas Williams said...

Mr. H Cassutto can you please contact Warner Brother Home Video at 917-254-0958. Ask for Thomas Williams. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hey, Thomas, who else are you still looking for?
A Family Member of Crash Victim

Anonymous said...

Mr. H. Cassutto, etal: When did Arthur Harris Jr attend & graduate from Passaic H.S. ? My mother was class of 1946. At the time of the crash, I was a member of the JV football team at Pope Pius XII H.S.
We always dressed for varsity games
and played on Sundays. I remember
our coaches having us bow our heads
and say a prayer in the locker room
to honor the Marshall FB team that Sunday.

THANX, Mark H. Young
Alexandria, VA
(born Passaic, grew up Garfield)