1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Monday, July 24, 2006

In memory of Frank Loria

I was 13 years old when the Marshall tragedy happened. My cousin, assistant coach Frank Loria was on that plane. He and his wife were expecting their third child.

This child is now a very fine young man, who only knows his dad through other people's knowledge of him. I personally feel that this upcoming movie will give his son and his other two children a sense of pride that their father died that horrible night but is not forgotten.

My mom is now 91 years old and remembers that day as if it was yesterday because Frank Loria was her older brother's son. Frank was always a great son, nephew, cousin, husband and most of all a great human being. Even though I have moved from WV, 28 years ago, I am so proud that this movie is being made. This state doesn't always get the best of recognition so I am anxiously awaiting for the viewing of this most couragious story of "We are Marshall".

Donna Donnellon
Port Jefferson, NY


Louise said...

I think we are somehow related. I am daughter of Anthony Loria also from Clarksburg WV. I live in Beechhurst, NY. Let's explore this.
You can contact me at 2Hanels@Verizon.Net.


Anonymous said...

I believe that I am also somewhat related. I met Frank when he had just arreived at Marshall University. I live in Point Pleasant WV and would like to speak with you at some time. You can contact me at rproffit@pebo.com.