1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

'May God comfort'

I'm not from Huntington and attended Ohio University, but I'm a Marshall supporter and fan.

When this horrible event took place, I was five years old and have no recollection of the tragedy. Many years later, I saw the documentary on PBS,"From Ashes to Glory" and was moved by the way the community and university more or less banded together to emerge victorious and strong, quite like the fabled Phoenix. From that moment on, I became a Marshall fan.

If some other O.U. supporters or alumnae read this posting, they might not be happy about what I'm about to say, but it's how I feel.

Football is just a game to Ohio University. There's not the same connection with the community that M.U. has with Huntington.

It's been said countless times, but Marshall football is a tribute to those lost in the crash, the spirit of the university and community and the way both groups bonded together during the process of rebuilding and healing. May God comfort and bless those who lost friends or family members on that rainy November night.

-Ms Kelley Jarvis

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