1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Monday, November 27, 2006

'Stunned to hear the sad news'

I was a a 20 year old junior at East Carolina. Me and a friend went to the game that night. It was pretty much what you did in Greenville on a Saturday night. We were winning the game, so me and my buddy decided to get an early jump to our car. We leaped down the stairs of the grandstands to try an beat the crowd out of the stadium. I walked smack into the Marshall team leaving the field. I was 5'9 about 145 pounds and I remember those guys seemed huge to me. It's like they had surrounded us, jogging, knocking into us making contact with me and my friend on their way to the clubhouse. We were later stunned to hear the sad news and also to know that we had touched many of them only a few shorts hours before. I never forgot that. I am looking forward to the film and hope that McG got it right.

-Chris F.
ECU '72

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Anonymous said...

I was too young to remember the crach, but I my mother in law was a student at Marshall at thetime of the crash. We have gone to a few games over the years and I am proud to say I root for the Herd.
Your community and university are a family. MU lives!!