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Sunday, November 05, 2006

'Thoughts and prayers'

The first real crush I had as a middle school child was a boy named David O'Connor. We went to the same church in upstate New York and were good friends. He taught me to play "Stairway to Heaven" on the guitar. His sister, Ruth-Ann, was sweet and his Mom was always nice. A classic beauty with a quiet grace. I asked David where his father was one day and he told me that he had died in a plane crash with his school football team. I was only six when this crash occurred in Huntington and I lived in Rome, New York. As the movie is coming out, I browsed through the memorials. David and Ruth-Ann look so much like their father, it all clicked in my mind the instant I saw his photo ... Dr. Brian O' Connor. I do not remember the crash but the memory of my childhood friend David O' Connor and what a young man of integrity and politeness he was tells me much about his father I had never met. My thoughts and prayers are with David, Ruth-Ann, and Miss Katherine as my husband and I reflect on this movie and emotion it will stir.

--Holly Stone/McLeod RN

Columbia, MD


Katherine O'Connor Beiter said...

Holly, I'm David O'Connor's mother and was so amazed by your blog. i chuckled in reading it and immediately sent it to David & Ruth Ann.David lives in Texas with his family and has worked with MERCY SHIPS for over 20 years. Ruth Ann lives with her family here in Avon, NY (where i now live since retired 5 years ago)The "church upstate NY" which you mention, was that Immanuel Baptist in New Hartford? All of us are family to go down to huntington for the 12/12 special film showing, receptions, etc.

Holly McLeod said...

Hey David's Mom!
I was doing an internet search looking for a nursing article that I wrote and a few other things and this looked familiar!....I was so pleased to see that you had commented. Please forgive that it has been so long...yes...I actually met David through Karl and Gary at Bible Baptist but then in foster care with the Utters I went to your church where i could bug David even more! haha!...Last November! Wow!...I was suffering from Cervical Cancer and was resting after surgery and my first radiation tx. I spent many years as an RN and was well aware of my situation. Now i am semi-retired and we own Exxon stations and i am playing music, again!...like i did in College...but this time not to eat....just because i praise God for the gifts he has given me...including life. Am writing a book and putting a musical performance/motivational speaking tour together. Throughout the highs and lows of my life there has always been a Loving God ( although i sometimes could not feel him ) and the words of sometimes a perfect stranger to prod me on and remind me "For I know the plans I have for you"...says the Lord " Plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope." My husband, Ben, is another beautiful gift and loves the Lord and me and Drew....so much! I figured you would be going to Huntington and I thought of you. The Ca had spread to the bowel after the 1st surgery so i went to Miami Beach at Mt. Sinai for more surgery and a Clinical Trial and was there all winter...Ben and my best friend from Utica and lots of my Womens Bible study flew down weekly. It went well and i received some alternative treatments. I am well and my oncologist is pleased....as are we!
Please have the kids contact me through myspace.com. Display name is HollyStone...just exactly like that. God bless you and all my love!