1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

'A hard time'

I was teaching at Cammack at the time and remember how sad it was to return on Monday with two children in the same class period who had lost one or both parents and several others within our school that shared the same fate. It was a hard time for all then and will be a hard again as the movie becomes reality. Yet, I am glad the story is being brought to life. It will be a time of sadness, a time when old wounds will re-open, and a time when we all will heal once again.

I have never attended one of the fountain memorial services but think of it often and have visited the fountain several times to remember. I taught 30 years and had several grandchildren of those who were taken that night. All that I have known through the years have made their parents proud. Just recalling those times brings a sadness to my heart and awakens feelings that appeared lost. Yet, another set of feelings move in that lets me know that we all can be proud that WE ARE...MARSHALL! It's good that this space is available for any who wish to share their feelings of then and now.


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