1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

'God bless you all'

I am a life long resident of Huntington and was only 14 when the crash happened. My only connection with any of the victims at the time is that Dr. Hagely was our family physician. I can remember watching the news and being shocked when his name was announced. Since the crash through work and school I have become aquainted with some of the victims children and have heard first hand of some things they went through and are still going through. God Bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I also want to say God Bless ALL those at Marshall. And my friend at M&M Mailing who taught me what a Great place in this world Marshall University is.

Now more people will know what a special place it is and if they visit they will really understand.

A Great place with Great people.

Go Herd !!! from an APP State fan !

Anonymous said...

I was in high school when I heard about the Marshall Plane Crash...at that time you don't know what it is to loose someone like that and you kinda put it out of your mind...but after seeing the movie, it puts in place how the town of Huntington and Marshall University had to join together and get through their grief, even though they would never forget, and start all over again....the movie touched me and I wanted to stand and cheer WE ARE MARSHALL....God bless all of those who lost loved ones on that November night and know that we will never forget.....

Keith said...

I enjoyed the movie and I thought it was very uplifting; as an ECU graduate and a student pilot with a few hours (before my money ran out), one thing incorrect in the movie is that they did not fly out of Greenville, but rather Kinston, N.C.

Shirley from California said...

I just saw the movie and I was so shocked when I realized the enormous tragedy that had happened to Marshall University and the Community. I am just heart broken for the Families, Friends, and Fans, who went through this. I just can't imagine the terrible shock and grief that everyone went through. I will never forget your loved ones and they will always be in my prayers. God Bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

I knew Dr.Hagley,he was raised on jefferson ave and 16th st.i fill for his 8 children that lost there parents.he put his self threw colloge.his parents had a feed store on 14th st and a jingle bell bicicle that we use to get pop cickles from on hot summers nights.please let your hearts go out to this family not just one but all.thanks.