1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Monday, December 11, 2006

'I will never forget'

I am not from Huntington, but I am a West Virginian. I will never forget the news of the crash that November night in 1970. At that time I was married and living in Connecticut. With my husband and two small children we were returning home to Norfolk, Conn. from a visit with relatives in Torrington, Conn. when the news of the crash came over the radio. I will never forget the shock and sadness I felt at the terrible news of the crash. Much later in my life I met and became a friend of a dear person, Jim Proctor, whose parents were lost in the crash. May God bless and comfort Jim, his family and all who suffered the great loss of that night.

-Mary Lee Scalf, Falling Waters, WV

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jim had two other siblings Courtney, and Patricia who also suffered the loss of their parents. I graduated with their daughter Courtney who was our class president Class of 1982, she was a very sweet, talented, and loved by all of her classmates, and today as well as then she will remain in our prayers and I personally wish her all the happiness that she so rightfully deserves.
Love ya Coutney, Deb