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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In memory of Jack Repasy

mary and john repasy were dear friends of ours,i had lost a daughter in june of 1970 then jack repasy there son in november of 1970 then my dear cousin in vietnam in 1970,the pain and grief still continues to haunt me. do the tears ever stop? jack was a wonderful young man, loved by anyone who knew him,had a smile you could never forget.what a great, great young man.he came from a wonderful family, that loved him dearly. jack and the team will be in our hearts forever, and the familys that lost so much, bless them all


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Anonymous said...

I m repasy agnes from Hungary. I watched the film 2 hours ago and i would like to get more information about jack repasy. Could you help me anyone ? repasy.agnes@freemail.hu