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Sunday, December 17, 2006

In memory of Frank Loria

I was a student at Marshall in November 1970. Vietnam conflict and the military draft were still evident in those times. The first draft lottery in a while was held earlier in the year. The terms were one could volunteer for the draft on a one year period and make it thru the one year; and the student deferments and the headaches that trying to keep them current would not be an issue again. One year at risk. If the local selective service board passed you by that year then the draft board took that person out of the eligible pool of candidates forever. My birthdate drew a relatively high number. They ranged from number 1 to either 365 or 366 --I don't recall exactly what being born on Feb 29th meant. I drew a relatively high number in the 190's and volunteered for the draft. Selective service and my neighbors at Local Board #2 called my number and I was slated for basic training in uncle Sam's Army at Fort Knox. Saturday November 14 1970 found me and some of my friends in the married student campus housing where the host couple's anniversary and my 'going away' were being celebrated. That is till the events of the day put a damper on those celebrations.

Marshall's assistant coach Frank Loria was a kid from my hometown and had quite a reputation as an athelete and a great talent there even before his recognition as an All American during his college days. Frank or Frankie was a good guy and a role model from even his early days. This was true from the ones he faced in competition as well as his team-mates.

-Wayne W

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