1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

'We were a family'

I remember well the night the plane crashed. It may seem odd to people who have never lived on a small university campus but we were a family. I could not tell you the names of our players as I was busy working in the library but I saw them on campus. Before the game, I walked behind some players who were talking about going to the game in style because they were flying there and not taking a bus. I laught at their childish enthusiasm and they turned and smile. That was Marshall. Warm, friendly and than we grieved together. I may not talk about it often as it can still bring tears to my eyes, but they live on in my memories.



Anonymous said...

I went to Lyndhurst High School
Still Sadden by the Loss
of ted Shoebridge and Moe Laterman

Anonymous said...

in memory of Glenn and Phyllis Preston a tragic family memory they shall be in our thoughts forever

suzanne preston said...

in memory of Dr Glenn and Phyllis Preston a tragic memory they are always in our thoughts along with all family members left behind

Anonymous said...

Although this tragedy happened 6 years before I was born & I do not know anyone who was personally affected, I was so moved by the portrayal of Huntington's spirit & love for this university in the film "We Are Marshall". I cannot comprehend how devastated your community must have been during this time & the conflicting emotions of whether to continue the football program or not. I knew very little of this tragedy prior to seeing the movie but I will now add myself to the long list of Marshall fans. May God bless the families who lost someone on that flight, the citizens of Huntington & Marshall University.