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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Keep Ruffin's number on the field

I wasn't fortunate enough to know Nate Ruffin, all I know about him is what I've read and what I saw in "We Are Marshall." He should be in Marshall's Hall of Fame post haste. I'm unsure about retiring his number, though. Maybe in a way, keeping his number in circulation is a tribute to the man who fought to keep Marshall football alive. He never tired of telling the story of 1970's team and why that story should never be forgotten. If his number is retired, this part of Marshall University's amazing story and history is discontinued and not passed on to further generations. Instead of making his number part of a display, let the tradition continue and may someone take the time to tell each young man who wears that number the story of the man who refused to allow Marshall football to die. Of course, the film tells the story, but let the younger generations proudly wear Nate's number on the playing field.



Anonymous said...

I live in Louisiana. My 20 yr old daughter and I went to see "we are Marshall". I didnt tell her what the movie was about she probably wouldnt want to go. (RESPECTFULLY)She came out of the movie and replied this is the saddest movie I have ever been to other than BAMBI. When she watch Bambi at the age of 5 she never could hardly ever eat meat again and she is an animal lover. The movie will have an enduring affect on you if you are a loving person. I cant tell you the feelings I have for the people in that community. May GOD be with you all.

John Salamon said...

I was a sophomore in HS in WV in 1970. Went to Glenville State 72-76 - Our FB team was in NAIA Championship - Played at Fairfield Stadium in .1973 when the Marshall team would have graduated.Got MA from Marshall in 1989 moved to Florida where I met the Cottrell family and had a 5 second part in the movie. I am blessed and awed by the effects and memories. I have met so many wonderful people and had so many opportunites to share with people. This will be a constant reminder of how precious life is and to continue to honor how the victims continue to live in the thoughts and hearts of loved ones and new fans because of the We ARE Marshall movie.