1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

'A sad time'

Marshall Remembered: I was born and raised in Huntington and I was a sophmore at HHS on the night of the crash. Several of my high school classmates and friends of my family lost their parents plus my childhood doctor...Dr. Joseph Chambers. I currently live in northern California and when I went to see the movie I proudly wore my Marshall Alumni shirt. People who never attended Marshall or lived in Huntington were laughing and crying during the movie and afterwards several people wanted to talk to me about Huntington and Marshall...it was a sad time but I was proud to be an alumni of Marshall University.



Anonymous said...

I went and watched this movie and cried the whole time.. It was the best movie ever..

Carole said...

I also lost my beloved doctor and his wife on the plane crash. I am speaking of Dr. Joseph Chambers and his lovely wife, Peggy. I will always remember them for their kindness to me, and they were also part of my church family. God bless the family, and bring them peace.

Shepherdstown, WV said...

We saw this movie tonight and were incredibly moved by it. Neither of us is from WV, but the movie made us feel proud to live in the state that is home to this courageous university.